Monday, 26 May 2014

Turquoise Blue Whale Sewing Buttons

Turquoise Blue Whale Sewing buttonsI love these whale buttons.  The blue is so bright and pretty.  Images are from Digi Web Studio and when I saw the collection of sea creatures I just couldn't resist them.  There are a number of other adorable sea creatures that I'm sure will be making their way to my shop shortly.  I've already started on a blue and yellow fish. 

Looking at these sea themed buttons really makes me want to go on vacation again.  I particularly love going to Mexico and the Caribbean.  I remember being in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) a couple of years ago and being out on the ocean watching the whales.  Now they weren't this cute blue but they were beautiful and majestic as they jumped and frolicked around us.  We were in a ship that was respectful of the distance.  There were other smaller ships that went far too close.  It's dangerous but also disturbs these wonderful creatures.  I can't wait to go on my next vacation.  We've booked a trip for next February to Antigua but lately I've been wanting to go back to Mexico.  We've been there about five times I think but it almost seems like going home.  Maybe I'll go look a and see what trips are available.  A great deal of the fun is the search for the perfect place and the anticipation of the wonderful times to come.

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