Saturday, 15 November 2014

More Country Cabin Decorating

As I mentioned a few posts ago we have purchased a cabin in the country. We take possession next Wednesday.  We're busy with all the last minute running around that entails such as signing papers at the lawyers and getting insurance etc.  Lots of work.  I can't wait until we actually get there and I have time to take some time and look around to see what I have actually purchased.

In the mean time I'm trying to keep myself from buying every woodsy cabiny themed item.  It's a small cabin after all and I have to decide what I actually can fit in it.  I couldn't resist these owl salt and pepper shakers I found at Urban Barn today.  They were actually 25% off which I didn't know until I went to pay - that's even better!  I'm trying to keep the d├ęcor cabin-like but not too cheesy.  I think these are very cute though and will add a cute little touch.  Now I just have to stop buying items and either make them myself or, at the very least wait until we get there, to see what I actually need LOL!