Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday... Sunday

So it's another Sunday and time to get organized for the work week coming up.  It seems that there is always so much to do on Sunday to get ready for work.  I'm lucky in that I get every third Monday off from my day job.  I just work a little longer and take a shorter lunch each day to make up the extra time.  That lets me accumulate the time to get every third Monday off.  I'm working tomorrow though so no extra long weekend for me this weekend.  I'm already half in work mode and starting to think about everything I need to get done.

The laundry is underway and I've just showered and will be working on my hair.  That's a project in and of itself as my hair is fairly long.  I've thawed the chicken for dinner and think we'll do a BBQ today so hubby will cook that.  Then I have to think of the sides and from this prepare my lunch for tomorrow.  I'm not a morning person so I'm not able to get up and make my lunch before I get to work.  Also I have my adult son living with us temporarily right now so after years of just hubby and I have to think of someone else as well when it comes to preparing meals.

Also this is typically a slower time in my shop so while I keep plugging away it's a bit discouraging.  I'm trying to think more positive thoughts though and as I said yesterday in my blog post I need to start thinking more of me.  I'll see what the day brings but may go and get a manicure or pedicure or maybe even both.  I'll see how I feel.  It's still early here.

I've also gathered up the buttons I started yesterday so will have to see how those have turned out and take some pictures for someone for a custom order they have requested.  Then in my other shop I've also had a request for some Ice Princess hair clips.  I've made the no holes buttons and will hopefully get those clips made for that shop.  I've recently renamed that shop Buttons By Robin 3 but haven't changed the URL yet so it's still linked to I'll have to change that in a bit.

So after a bit of a grumpy start to my day I think I'd better change my outlook and enjoy this wonderful day I've been given.  It's beautiful and sunny outside and I need to take advantage of this wonderful bright may day.

What do you do when you wake up a bit grumpy?  How do you get out of the funk?

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