Monday, 25 July 2011

Back to School Handmade Buttons

Okay don't tell the kiddos but it's time to start thinking back to school.  I's still July but September and back to school will be here before we know it.  If you're going to be making something special for that little one for their first day of school or for their first day of school in the new year then these buttons will add a perfect touch  This set of handmade buttons includes all sort of school supplies and brings back memories of going out purchasing all those brand new supplies.  Even now (although I'm way past school age) when I see those piles of pristine supplies in the stores it makes me want to go out and purchase them.  Maybe these will satisfy that urge.  I'm also thinking that I might take a set of these and make them into zipper pulls.  They could then be attached to back packs, lunch boxes and pencil cases and act as a ready identifier so that it would be easy to tell your child's items from all similar items.  The back is plain white so if you took a magic marker you could even add a name or phone number.  How cute would that be!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Primitive Witch Handmade Buttons

Although it's a hot July day as I write this my mind has been thinking of fall and Halloween.  It's not that I'm wishing the summer away.  I love summer and wish it was summer all year round.  However, in the crafting world you have to think at least one season ahead all the time.  I've started listing my Halloween themed items on Etsy so that everyone that makes crafts or items with my buttons has a chance to order them in time to make all their wonderful goodies.

I've been enjoying looking at some wonderful penny rug creations on Etsy and that got me thinking of the primitive style.  I've had a lot of fun adding some prim buttons this weekend and have plans for lots more.  This is one of the sets I added this weekend  Isn't she adorable!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Vacation Photo Bracelet with my Handmade Button Charms.

I love going away on vacation!  Well who doesn't.  I love it so much I'm planning to buy a vacation home (eventually to be a retirement home) somewhere warm.  I'm currently looking at Costa Rica. To remind me of my dream and of the wonderful vacation we had there in February 2011 I've taken some of my vacation photos and instead of making them into my buttons as I usually do I put a hole in the top and made them into little charms and simply added a jump ring and put them on a chain/bracelet.  Now I can have my vacation memories with me any time.

While I can put photographs on my buttons (as you can see from above) it's a bit tricky and I sometimes find they're a bit darker than I'd like.  It's hard to get the contrast just right when the photographs have similar tones.  These charms are also about 3/4" or 2 cm round and I think next time I'd make them a bit bigger just because the photographs have a lot of detail so it would be easier to see them that way.  The backs of the charms are just plain white.  I think I might put a colour/color on the back next time as well.  This was just an experiment really but I think it turned out pretty well.  I'm not a jewelry/jewellery maker so will not be adding these types of items to my Etsy shop.  This one is just for me and it's fun and brings a smile to my face when I remember the fun we had in Costa Rica.

Halloween Cupcakes Handmade Sewing Buttons

 When I saw these images from Jazzy Patterns I couldn't wait to turn them into my buttons.  As I write this the US is celebrating the Fourth of July and here in Canada we just celebrated Canada Day (July 1st) so the weather is hot and thoughts have not yet turned to fall for most of us.  However I know that crafters need lots of lead time to create their wonderful creations.  I am imagining these turned into adorable Halloween hair accessories or maybe just added to a simple black shirt or sweater to make an adorable Halloween outfit.  I have so many ideas in my mind about what I want to make with these that I can't decide where to start.  I have only made one set for now which is listed here but I plan to make several more sets since they're just so darned adorable. 

Happy Fourth of July to my US friends and happy crafting to all!