Saturday, 13 December 2014

Last Custom Orders for Christmas

I'm getting quite excited that I'm almost to the point where I have the last of my custom orders for my buttons ready to be shipped out.  Two more orders to finish up this weekend and then whew!!!  I do have other custom orders on my list but these aren't Christmas orders so I have a bit of time.  As soon as I get these last buttons finished and ready to dry I'm going to work on a few primitive wooden items for my other website.  I'm looking forward to that for sure!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Handmade Reclaimed Wooden Cedar Fence Post Cabin Sign

I painted this piece of reclaimed wood with the word "CABIN".  I'm going to hang it at my cabin in the woods.

The wood is naturally aged reclaimed cedar fencepost.  The top has a slight curve on it.  The post was made by taking the tree and taking a slice off the side.  The back is flat and, as I said previously, the top side of the sign is curved out like the side of the tree from which it comes.  This wood has been outside for years and is greyed with age.  You can see how it is naturally worn.  Before painting I did sand the top of the wood to remove some of the roughness.  Once I painted the word "CABIN" on the top I sealed the wood with a water based sealer to protect the paint and the wood from further deterioration.  I plan to make many more of these signs.  The next time I go to the cabin I hope to salvage more of this wood so that during the winter when I can't access the cabin, I have lots of wood to work with.  I love the rustic look of this sign.