Sunday, 27 June 2010

My Bluebird Buttons in an Etsy Treasury!

My buttons are in an Etsy treasury which you can find here Thank you to redchuckstress for selecting my buttons to include in the beautiful bird treasury!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Latest Finds at the Antique Market

My husband and I went to the antique market last Sunday and I found a couple of things that I just had to have. I had to make a deal with my husband that I would limit my purchases of these "treasures" and he promised we'd come back if I actually used them to make something with. You see I have a habit of collecting these items and then not actually using them on anything. I sometimes can't bare to use them as they're one of a kind and then once they're gone, they're gone. This means I usually let them sit around waiting for the perfect thing to use them for and sometimes that perfect thing never materializes. Well I do have an idea for these and I've actually started on my project since I'm on holidays from the day job this week. I have to show my husband that I'm right and he's wrong and that I really really will put these treasures to good use.

By the way, in case you don't know what these are, these are antique wooden letter press letters that were actually used in printing at one time. I chose to purchase a few x and o's and am hoping to make them into some kind of jewelry. My first attempt didn't look very good so I've made some modifications and am waiting for some glue to dry and then I'm going to try again. I'll post the finished picture here when it's done. It will be beautiful! I just know it this time! Do you every purchase items and then can't bare to use them in projects because they'll be gone. Are you a crafting supply hoarder?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Halloween Mouse and My Cat Buttons

Here is another absolutely adorable creation by fibre artist Barby Anderson. This one uses my handmade black cat button. Don't you just love Halloween?
Here is the link to Barby's eBay auction for this adorable creature

Another One Of a Kind Needle Felted Mouse with my Handmade Buttons

Wow another adorable one of a kind handmade mouse by Barby Anderson which incorporates my handmade buttons. This one has two of my buttons. A piece of "button" cheese it tucked in the back pocket and the sheep is sewn onto the back pocket. How cute! You can find the auction here

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

I just wanted to say Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there and Happy Father's Day to my Dad. I miss you and love you and you're still in my heart.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

One of a Kind Fibre Artist and My Buttons

I'm so pleased to see that this wonderful fibre artist is using my buttons to add a little bit of embellishment to her creations. These mice are so adorable. This one is currently up for auction on E-Bay Hurry up and check it out before the auction ends!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Vacation Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow I get to start my vacation. I'm just taking a week off and since I'm staying home I'm hoping to get lots of creating done. My husband has an event he's going to tomorrow which I'm going to bow out of so I can create and we'll have to do something for Father's Day with his Dad tomorrow. We'll visit the cottage and get it ready for the summer one day but other than that I have a week of free time. Sometimes I find though that when I have a whole lot of perceived time ahead of me I tend to procrastinate. When I have just the short weekend I tend to jam it full of projects. One thing I'm going to have to do is remake a button order that got lost in the mail I'm afraid :) That's not something I look forward to but it happens every once in a while. Chances are it will show up when I've made up the new ones. The customer is being so patient though and I want to make sure I get the replacements to her. My head is bursting with things I want to to try - mainly some upcycled jewelry/jewellery items so we'll see how that goes. Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, 14 June 2010


I'm going to be on vacation next week and while I tried to find something to do and somewhere to go, in the end I decided we'd stay home. I love travelling and especially love Mexico but somehow couldn't bring myself to spend the money to travel there when we have beautiful summer weather here. I'll save my pennies for a vacation to the warmer climates in the winter. Now I have to decide what to do while I have a week away from the day job. My husband will be off as well so we'll have to figure out something we both want to do.

I do want to work on my buttons some and I have a ton of ideas for jewellery. Jewellery is such a hard sell on Etsy because there is just so much of it and, to be honest, I don't really spend a lot of time promoting it (shameless plug here because I'm usually busy promoting my other store (shameless plug number two

Anyway I'm sitting here at my day job thinking of all the wonderful things I could do next week. I have a week of possibility ahead of me. I guess that's something special in and of itself.

I hope you all have the opportunity to take a vacation this summer and whether you go somewhere fun or exotic or just stay at home I hope it gives you time with family and friends and an opportunity to recharge your batteries and perhaps spend a little extra time creating or doing what you love.