Sunday, 21 April 2013

Antique and Vintage Hunting

Holy crap batman this place sure does have an awful lot of  "treasures".  Yesterday my husband and I took a long drive to this antique place.  It's a place that my parents, in particular my Mom, just loved to go.  This is a view of just the yard which will put any episode of hoarders to shame.  There are also several barns and the house in the picture is chock full.  You literally better not eat a big breakfast before you go because you can hardly squeeze through the place.  I'm a size 2 and I had a really hard time getting through the place.  Glass and jewelry and well just about anything you can image is piled high to the ceiling in some cases.  It's all very precarious.  It's so overwhelming that I was only able to manage to get through a bit before I had to call it a day.  The items outside that you see here are mostly metals.  They're exposed to the elements year round which I'm sure damages some of the items.  Everything is literally piled so high it would be hard to know even get to probably 90% of it.  The gentlemen than run the place seem to know just where everything is though.  If you have something specific in mind you'll have to ask and they can probably find it for you.  Many items are in glass cases that have items piled in front so you won't be able to get to them yourself but these owners and staff will gladly dig it out for you to take a look.  They were really part of the wonderful experience.  I'm a small town girl living in Toronto now which is apparently the third largest city in North America.  Having lived in the big city for a while I forget how kind and welcoming people from small towns can be.  Not that city people aren't kind or anything but it's a whole different feeling.  Anyway I did manage to snag a few treasures including some lead tin type, some vintage post cards and a few magic lantern slides.  I do plan to go back in the summer for another look around but I just wanted to share this image with you.  It truly does need to be seen to be believed!

Sunday, 14 April 2013


No pictures today just a bit of a vent I suppose.  Well not even really a vent just a commentary on a rather frustrating day.  I've spend most of the day trying to match a particular colour for a custom order.  It's not as easy as it might seem as my printing process means the colours that are printed aren't exactly the same as what comes out in the end so it's a bit of trial and error.  That's all well and good when I don't need to match something exactly because I do know pretty much what will come out.  I've wasted most of the day today trying to figure something out and I still haven't got it quite right.  I think it's time to take step away from the buttons and think about some other things for the rest of the day.  Tomorrow is another day and I'll come back with a fresh attitude and hopefully have better success.  Sometimes it's best just to know when to step away for a bit.  I think today is one of those days :)