Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Happy Canada Day - Canadian Flag Pin

Happy Canada Day everyone!!!! It's Canada Day today here in Canada so I thought I'd post a picture of something Canadian related. Actually it's not often that I make something with a Canadian theme in mind. It's not that we're not proud to be Canadians-we are-but here in Canada it's very different than in the United States where Americana and the Fourth of July is very highly celebrated. I think Canadians as a whole are a much less vocal about their patriotism and I'm not exactly sure why that is. The Canada Day holiday that we celebrate on July 1st. isn't as elaborate or as extensive a celebration in the US but perhaps that's because the actual day off celebration hasn't been in existence that long.

Anyway, I encourage all Canadians and friends of Canadians to get out and celebrate with family and friends or even by yourself. Do it quietly or elaborately or any way you choose. In a few days it will be our turn to celebrate the Fourth of July with our US friends. However you celebrate, have a safe and wonderful day. Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!!!!!

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