Monday, 14 July 2008

Cat in Pumpkin-Hand Made Ceramic Buttons

I've been working on my Halloween buttons for a while now. I want to have a fairly good supply on hand for the fall season. It's important to be working ahead so you have the items ready when the season approaches. As well crafters who make items to sell in the fall need their fall supplies early as well. While I love all the great fall and Halloween buttons I've made they really aren't selling all that well. Either they aren't what customers want or maybe I'm just a bit overanxious to get them out. The problem in that I am usually in love with whatever I am creating at the moment so want to get it out there to share with others. I must admit I probably wouldn't be buying fall items in the heat of July so perhaps I should just put them aside until the time is right. When do you start making and/or selling your fall items?

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