Saturday, 19 July 2008

Hand Made Hand Painted Primitive Crow Buttons

Here is a set of primitive crow buttons that I just listed in my Etsy store today. I made these a while ago but I still love them just as much as when I first started making them. These buttons are wooden and approximately 1 1/4" from the tip of their tails to their beaks. I seem to have a fascination with crows. Maybe it's because they are such a prevalent image in primitives which I am also drawn to. It's funny because I like to make primitive art and yet I do not have a single primitive piece decorating my home. My home is very minimal in design with very clean-lined modern furniture. I live in the biggest city in Canada but was born in the country. I guess the primitives are a nod to the country girl that lives within the heart of this city dweller.


kVicknits said...

I saw your comment on my blog (
I LOVE your buttons. Do you sell them? Do you do sheep as well?

Primitive Pursuits said...

Thanks so much. You can find my buttons on both Etsy and on E-bay. My Etsy link is at the top right hand side of this blog. My E-bay link is in my favourite links at the side of the blog as well. Robin