Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hand painted-Hand Made Ceramic Hedgehog Buttons

Here is my latest and, of course, my new favourite buttons. It's funny how our latest creations are always our favourites and then we move on to the next "favourite". I guess that's good though because it keeps us creating and stretching. These buttons are ceramic and are painted with my own hedgehog design. Suddenly I seem fascinated with these little guys these days. I've never been particularly drawn to hedgehogs before but hey who knows what might be next. I have a few ideas percolating. Making ceramic buttons does take quite a bit of time though because you have to make the base, let it dry and then decide what you are going to paint. If it's a new design you have to create the design and then test it out. With these particular buttons I painted the hedgehogs first without the clear over glaze in case they didn't turn out how I wanted. If I don't put the over glaze on I can go back and retouch and fire again. This gives me a second chance to fix any mistakes. In this case I didn't have to do that as I liked how they turned out so I just applied the clear glaze which gives everything a nice shine and also seals the porous clay. So I took two steps where I could have done one. I'm very very pleased with the overall design though so live and learn. As I get more experienced and more confident with ceramics/clay I'll learn new tips and tricks but until then I'll muddle through. Some experiments work some don't. These are posted on E-bay right now so that will be the test. If someone likes them enough to buy them then that's a pretty good indication I'm heading in the right direction.

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