Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Hand Made Steampunk/Altered Art (Sewing) Buttons

Here is a picture of my latest hand made buttons. I call these my steampunk or altered art crow buttons. I call them steampunk crows because the images are shaped like a crow filled with images of watch parts. Watch parts are often associated with the steampunk theme. I find myself being drawn more and more to these types of images although I'm unsure what exactly it is that draws me to to them. I love vintage pieces, watch parts, vintage typewriter keys, vintage game pieces and all sorts of bits and pieces. I've gathered quite an assortment of these images and always have some grand plan for them which more often than not doesn't actually materialize although I continue to collect and continue to imagine all the wonderful things I'll make with my collection. Perhaps it's just the collector in me using this as an excuse to collect. Come to think of it maybe I'm also drawn to bird images, in particular crows, because they like myself seem to be drawn to shiny bits of "stuff" with no apparent value They're drawn to it simply because it is shiny and bright. Do you share my love of collecting? What do you collect?

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