Saturday, 24 May 2008

Summer Themes

I love summer and can't wait for it to arrive. Living in Canada sometimes the winters can seem long so some warm weather is really welcome. One thing about summer though is that when it comes to crafting there aren't really a lot of "summer" themed ideas to work on. Of course you can do Canada Day and the Fourth of July for my friends in the US, and there are the ever present water melon theme but it's really difficult to come up with some appropriate summer ideas. I guess that's why I've been working on Halloween themed buttons lately. Fall and winter always have lots of ideas to offer but from January until September it's a bit more challenging. I guess I'll have to challenge myself to come up with some ideas. Perhaps that's why I'm feeling a little less motivated than usual. When I'm excited about my next idea it's always fun to start working on it and I can't wait to see the final result. Trying to think up new and unusual ideas is more challenging. I guess that's what makes a difference in the end. Today I've spend the day glazing some clay I bisque fired last week and I made some small pendants from modelling clay and then made some molds from them. I just made a few clay pendants from them and am waiting for them to to dry. That's part of the challenge with working with clay,all the time it takes for things to dry. Already the buttons and beads I glazed today (that I made last week) are not what I would work on today. My mind races to ideas so fast. With clay you have to be patient. Maybe that's a good thing though. Perhaps it will cause me to really have to plan and think about what I want to work on. Well I guess I will take a break from my creative endeavours for now and just relax and enjoy what's left of the evening.

What types of themes or ideas do you work on during the summer time? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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