Sunday, 11 May 2008

Hand Painted Halloween Buttons

As promised here are the hand painted buttons I made. I haven't put the holes in yet. I'll drill them a bit later. These buttons are made from a painting pattern designed by Terrye French. You can find her painting patterns at . I slightly adapted some of the designs from the Harvest Pull Toy Platter pattern. I love Terrye's painting patterns and have purchased most of them. Right now I'm pulling bits and pieces from her larger designs and adapting to my hand painted buttons. I like these so much, particularly the candy corn crow design, that I think I'll make some more and stash them away to list on E-Bay a bit closer to Halloween.

It's been a bit slow on E-Bay this past week so either my designs aren't up to par or it's just a bit slow. I think I'll take a bit of time over the next week or two to recharge my batteries and work on some designs that may not be in my usual area but something I want to try just for me. I have this pull between making things I think my customers will like and making designs just for me that may not be the usual designs my customers expect. I'm trying to find that balance. How do you decide what to produce?

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