Saturday, 10 May 2008

Ceramic Buttons Take Two

Here is a set of folk art cat buttons. These have been fired twice. The first time the glaze wasn't dark enough and it was a bit rough. I painted them again, refired and this is how they turned out. My work is intended to be in a naive or primitive style and these fit perfectly into this venue. I'm trying to find my own niche and fill a void for crafters. I haven't seen anything like these (although I'm sure they're out there somewhere) so I'm hoping they fill gap for crafters/artisans that work in a primitive style. At the moment' they're for sale in my E-Bay store so we'll see how they go over. I am letting buyers know these are my first attempts so that they know what they're bidding on.

Now I have to get back to my painted wooden buttons for a bit as these seem to be what my customers want. I'm going to paint a few Halloween buttons this weekend. I know I should probably work more strategically but I paint what I want when the mood strikes. So although we're just getting into spring here I'm going to be working on Halloween. We'll see how that goes over with my customers. It may be a bit early for Halloween. I'll post these buttons when they're done. Now I actually need to get some work done since I primarily do my art work on the weekend as I have a day job through the week that actually pays the bills. Dreaming of an artistic career..............................................................

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