Sunday, 8 January 2012

Back To Work

As I mentioned yesterday here is a picture of the finished pendants once they were taken out of the kiln.  The colours/colors seem much brighter than when they were cooling in the kiln.  As you can see I've been experimenting with a few specialty glazes.  I really like how the purple turned out with the splotches (splotches is the technical term :)  ) of lighter colour/color.  I'm having a lot of fun with these glazes.  I also like how the little pig turned out.  He looks orange in the picture but is really a sort of darkish pink.  Really cute.  I'm just trying to figure out if I make them into jewelry or of I leave them as is and leave it to the true jewelry experts to create with my pieces.  I'm not sure how I want to proceed with these.

I feel like I'm now back in the swing of things as far as creating is concerned.  I've caught up on all but one of my custom button orders.  I had slowed down a bit over the holidays and I think the break did me some good.  I do want to proceed with the ceramic pieces though and see where they take me.  I have to find my own unique niche with these though because there are so many great ceramic artists out there.  I need to find something that is unique but also not too terribly time consuming or it won't be cost effective to produce.  Right now I'm having fun and we'll see where that takes me.  I've also started listing some of my vintage on   I'm having a bit of problem wanting to get rid of my collections but I'm slowing starting to work on that.

I have the day off tomorrow from my day job so will work some more on some of the resin buttons and perhaps think about the ceramics a bit more to see where I want to take them.  Right now the pieces are very nice but they aren't really "extra special".  I want them to be something special so have to really give them some time and attention!

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