Saturday, 25 June 2011

Handmade Button Necklace - Butterflies and Bright Buttons.

I've been experimenting with different ways to use my handmade buttons.  I bought these ribbon necklaces the other day and thought they' would be a great place to add my buttons.  At first I thought I would sew the buttons on but it turns out that gluing them on works much better.  I glued one button to the front of the ribbon and another to the back and the ribbon is sandwiched in between.  On this necklace I've used three of my handmade butterfly buttons and then used some brightly coloured/colored purchased buttons.  These are bright and cheerful.  Right now I'm not putting these in my shop  I think I'll keep these for myself and try them out to see how they work and how they look and then I'll see if I want to list them.  If any of you want to use my buttons to make button jewelry/jewellery or anything else for sale that's not a problem.  I love seeing what you make with my buttons.  I'm a button maker not a jewelry/jewellery maker and just dabble in experimenting with different ways to use the buttons so I'm not concerned if someone uses my buttons to make jewellery/jewelry.  There are lots of ideas for all of us.

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