Thursday, 21 May 2009

Cow Jumped Over the Moon Handmade Sewing/Scrapbooking Buttons

I'm just about to head off to my day job but wanted to show you these adorable "Cow Jumped Over the Moon" handmade scrapbooking or sewing buttons. I don't advertise these as sewing buttons because they're small (as buttons tend to be of course) and small items shouldn't be used on children's clothing. Of course the buttons are washable so if you're a "young-at-heart" adult these would be great to wear on your clothing to show your inner child. These buttons would be great on party invitations, cards or scrapbooking as well if you wanted to use them in child-themed ideas. You could also decorate picture frames or lamp shades if the room you were decorating was designed in this popular nursery rhyme theme.

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