Saturday, 30 May 2009

Addicted to My BlackBerry & It's Broken!!!

I am beside myself. I just dropped my phone in some water (you don't want to know where-but it was clean water at least!) and now it's not working. I am NOT patient. I've read the forum posts where they say let it dry for a week (A WEEK!!!!!) Who do they think they are kidding. I can't stand to not have it work for a minute. I have called my husband several times (who is working by the way) and he is trying to keep me calm. I know it is just a phone. The problem as well is that I use this as my only phone - I don't have a land line. I do have a back up phone which I have managed to set up with my SIM card. I am, however, spoiled because my BlackBerry has instant messaging, email, Internet etc. My back up phone is well - just a phone. I feel so disconnected. Now I have to wait for my husband to get home and I have to decide if I want to purchase a new phone (which means I'll upgrade to a better model-might as well if I have to replace it) or will I be patient and wait a few days to see if it comes back to life. If I replace my phone with the current model it's $330 and the upgrade 8900 is $500 (I'm in Canada so those are Canadian prices.) I hate to spend money for something I already have but I need my phone-and yes-I did mention I have NO patience!!I feel a bit stupid being so attached to the technology but nevertheless that's my reality!

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