Saturday, 13 June 2015

Primitive Sheep and Willow Tree Sewing Buttons

These are some of my primitive style buttons.  These have a painted image on them.  I painted the design from a painting pattern created by Marie's Country Crafts and then transferred the painted image to my buttons.  These are quite adorable and look different than buttons made with computer graphics.  They have a very naive quality to them since they are a painted image.  Willow trees and sheep are very popular in primitive creations.  I think these would look adorable on a penny rug.  

Here is a picture of the design painted on a gourd.

You can find it here:  I've started to get back into painting a bit.  It's taking me some time to get back to the skill level I had years ago but I do enjoy it.  This is a gourd I actually grew in my own garden several years ago from seed.  I've planted several varieties this year at my cabin and I'm really looking forward to seeing how they turn out.  They take months to dry but I do have some left from previous years so hopefully I'll have a new supply when I've used what I currently have.  If things work out I may decide to sell some of the unpainted gourds.  I have so many ideas!  

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