Sunday, 14 June 2015

Dragon Eye Sewing Buttons

Dragon Eye Shank Sewing ButtonsDragon eye shank sewing buttons.
Dragon eye shank sewing buttons.  My dragon eye sewing buttons are now back in stock in my other Etsy shop  This is the Etsy shop where I have buttons which are a bit more weird or unusual.  These are quite popular.  Many people use these on those really great dragon scarves.  These are 3/4" or 20 mm round and are approximately the the size a real eye would be.  Well since dragons aren't real I'm saying they are the size I think dragon eyes should be.

I've been wondering if I should put these buttons in my other Etsy shop but they really are a very different feel than my other style of buttons which are more on the "cute" side.  I think for now I'll keep them separate.  I'll have to give it some thought though.

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