Saturday, 19 October 2013

Another Button Saturday!

I've got the day to myself so can work on my buttons all day.  My husband and son have gone camping on some property we own outside of the city.  It's raining here so I hope they don't get wet and too cold.  I plan to go with them once we get a camper trailer.  I'm not into camping in a tent - especially since there are wild animals around.  I know I sound like a big chicken - and I guess I am.  I'm sure it will be fun once we get the camper trailer.  I love animals but the ones in real life aren't as cute as the images on these buttons 
I've been getting all my custom orders ready this morning and I think everything on my list is done as far I can go.  The buttons are drying and won't be ready for the second stage until tomorrow.  The majority of the work for the custom buttons is done.  Tomorrow I'll have to do the finishing touches and then wait another day for them to cure a second time.  Hopefully I can take the pictures on Monday get them listed so they can be on their way to my customers.  I've been working away since about 6:30 am so I think I'm about ready to take a bit of a break.  Maybe I'll go out for a bit and do a little shopping.  I think it just started to rain though so a walk outside isn't quite as appealing as it seemed before the rain started.
Besides my custom orders I've managed to make a few other buttons and jewelry supply pieces.  I won't go into detail here but if they turn out perhaps I'll have some more cute camping "themed" items to share.

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