Monday, 3 September 2012

On The Darker Side - Handmade Buttons

I've recently opened up a second button shop   These have the type of resin buttons and jewellery as my other Etsy shops but these images are a bit on the darker side.  I've even called the shop On The Darker Side.  I'm working on this shop with my son and I'm incorporating buttons and jewellery items that have unusual or weird designs.  These will appeal to people who like things which are a bit more out there.  My other shop Buttons By Robin still has all the cute designs but these are something very different.  I've never seen these type of button designs and I'm hoping these will fill a niche for people that like these designs.  The shop is just getting started but I'm pleased with the amount of interest people have shown in it so far.  I particularly like getting design suggestions from people. 

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