Saturday, 5 March 2011

E-Bay Handmade Button Auctions

I've got a few E-bay auctions going this week for some of my most popular buttons. You may be able to snag a deal as the auction prices are starting at a lot lower than my usual retail price. I don't have sales in my shop as I believe that's unfair to those who have purchased at the regular price. Having these auctions may introduce other to my buttons as E-bay has a very wide audience but you may also be able get a great price on some handmade buttons that are only available from me - Buttons by Robin. Here is the link to the Snow White auction I've also listed some Red Riding Hood Buttons and some Alice in Wonderland Buttons I plan to list more over the next few days and on an ongoing bases as it allows me to introduce my unique buttons to a broader audience so keep checking E-bay or sign up on my Face Book page through the link at the bottom of my blog and you can be notified of potential auctions and hopefully save a few dollars.

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