Saturday, 12 March 2011

Button Pony Tail Holders

I planned to have a very productive button making day today and spent the morning getting caught up on my saved TV shows and making these simple yet cute (if I do say so myself) hair accessories. They're super simple with my handmade button just sewed to a pony tail holder. I think they'd look great with an outfit made with matching buttons - how cute would that be. I haven't listed them yet in my Etsy shop but will probably list a few tomorrow. I like to show different ideas of how to use my buttons. Of course they're great for sewing projects but I don't sew and I know there are lots of people out there who don't so I like to show different simple ways to use these buttons. I also don't mind if people purchase my buttons to make their own hair accessories since my business is primarily buttons and not really the hair accessories. Anyway as I said I had very good intentions of having a full button making day but my son called unexpectedly and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend some time with him. So this afternoon I spent some time chatting with my son and then had dinner with my two favourite/favorite boys - my son and my hubby. We went to a wonderful Korean BBQ place where you cook your own food at a BBQ at the table and then went to Pacific Mall which is an Asian mall here in Toronto. I bought a couple of good luck charms (hope they work) for myself, my son and his girl. Too bad she wasn't able to join us today. I did manage to get the couple of small custom orders I had promised to do done this today though. They are drying as we speak so should be ready tomorrow. I just didn't get to do all the extras I had planned. That's OK though. As long as my obligations are met it's really nice to take the time that is available when it becomes available to spend time with the ones we love. I hope you all had a great Saturday as well. Now tomorrow I really must buckle down and get to "buttoning".

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