Friday, 18 February 2011

Last Full Day of Vacation

Today is my last full day of vacation here in beautiful Liberia, Costa Rica. I'm sitting by the beach writing this and enjoying the beautiful sunshin and the nice cooling breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean. I have had a wonderful time but am looking forward to getting home and back to my buttons and other ideas.

I have a number of packages to pack and some custom orders to get started on. Tomorrow will be mostly a day of travel but then I still have two full days before I have to head back to my day job. I've been trying to focus a little bit during my vaacation on the direction I'd like to take my shop. I have some ideas but only time will tell if I think these are developed enough to actually put into practice. I do know I have to find a balance between my custom orders and the things I want to do just for me. I also want to start doing things for my home. We've been there for three and a half years now and have done little to no decorating. I think its time to make my house a home and inject some personality into it. I also want to organize and redesign my office and creative spaces. I have packed in far too much extra stuff into my tiny office and am feeling a bit stifled creatively. The problem is that I love doing so many different types of creating from glass to ceramics to metal smithing etc. My main profitable endeavour though is by far my buttons. I haven't really seen anything exactly like them and because of this they seem to be quite popular. Because they're popular its hard to find time to experiment with my other ideas and I'm not able to get enough of a selection to actually see if my ideas are something that can take off. In my dreams I do dream of being able to quit my day job and earn a living creating. I know this would take the magic and a lot of the joy out of it though because it would put pressure on me to make money to pay the bills. Right now I don't have that pressure and any sales are able to fund new and fun things.

Today as I sit by the beach everything seems possible. Tomorrow as I travel back to reality I hop0e to bring that sense of possibility with me.

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