Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I'm trying to figure out how to brand my products. I've read a lot which says that branding is important. I think up until now I've packaged my products in a simple way. I was packaging my buttons on a simple hang tag. I think they looked kind of cute but they didn't have my contact information on the packaging. I've recently switched to adding a bag topper and placing the buttons in the bag. I think they look kind of cute and they do have the information for all three of my website. We'll see how it goes. I know that if I want to move this business forward as a business and not just a hobby that I have to figure out packaging, branding etc. I also have to be able to ship economically (which is a problem in Canada because the postal rates are pretty high compared to the United States.) I've had some really cute packaging ideas but if they bump up the shipping to the next category they more than double my shipping charges which make the little buttons too expensive to ship. No one wants to pay that much shipping for buttons - even if they are in a cute package. I do have an idea for packaging up some gift type buttons (maybe some for a secret pal or just because gift etc.) but I won't talk about that just yet until I work out the kinks. For now here is a picture of how I currently package my buttons.

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