Monday, 16 November 2009

Quitting the Day Job Dreams

I know that so many people who create have dreams of quitting their day job and staying at home doing what they love. I have to admit that I have dreams of that as well. Realistically I know that that isn't going to happen any time soon. My day job pays above average I would say so I would have to sell an awful lot of buttons to compensate for that. I couldn't even produce the amount of product needed if I sold every single thing I sold. So what to do. A girl has to dream. I'm in a very non-creative job but the reality is the bills need to be paid. I find myself looking for that "great" idea that will get my product out there. Because of this I've dabbled in so many things it's not funny. Fused glass, folk art painting, ceramics, metalsmithing, precious metal clay, jewelry making and on and on and on. Maybe if I'd just quit buying art supplies I'd be better off instead of looking for the next big thing. Part of the drive to find something is that I'd also be able to have my son work with me. He hasn't really found his niche yet and he's very creative. He makes jewelry for a tattoo shop at the moment and he's very good at what he does. The problem with that is that it's a limited number of potential customers. Not all that many people have body parts pierced in any number of places. This limits his success with this. Being his mom I want to help. The other reality is that when I "have" to make something - such as for a custom order I don't really like it. I feel pressured - what if they don't like it. I'd rather make what I like and then if people see it an buy it that's great. If they don't want it then it's anonymous as I just sell on the Internet so if they don't like it it's no problem. That also means I don't like doing in person craft shows etc. I did a couple a few years back and they were pretty successful but a lot of work and I found them very stressful. So what to do. Is it possible for someone who doesn't want to sell in person/craft shows etc. to make a business big enough and stable enough to really and truly quit their day job. I know lots of people have this type of dream so as silly as it sounds I'm going to try and document what I do as I try to capture that illusive dream. You can all laugh with me or at me as I muddle through. At the very least I'm hoping it will bring a bit of reality to those of you with the same sort of pie in the sky dreams. Perhaps there will even be a bit of valuable information that comes out of it.

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