Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Green Mitten Snowman Pendant

Here is one of my newest fused glass pendants. As you can see this is a green mitten with a snowman fused in glass I think it's adorable! I'm really loving my fused glass pendants but have had no success selling them on-line. I've sold some at work so feel that it must be they translate better in person than on-line. I also realize I'm not exactly the world's best photographer so really need to do something about that but I find myself frustrated with trying to take pictures. They look great on the camera but transferred to the computer - not so much. This picture is actually scanned on my scanner. I know, I know....I took the easy way out as I didn't want to drag out the camera, try and find the right light etc. etc. On another note my button business at has picked up lately and I find myself going to the post office most days (yeah!). I was actually up at 5 a.m. this morning getting a couple of orders packaged up that came in overnight so that I can get them mailed today. Thanks for the support all you button lovers out there! I really appreciate it.

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