Monday, 5 October 2009

New Fused Glass Jewelry and New Excitement

I've been having a little trouble lately getting excited about making buttons. Don't get me wrong I love making the buttons and think they're a unique item and people seem to like them. I have been making them for a while though and the process is pretty much the same. For me the excitement has dwindled a bit so I've decided to go back to do something just for me. I have no idea if these fused glass pieces will sell but I do love them. I think the excitement and challenge of making new items just because I want to will be good for me. So I opened a second etsy shop at and this is one of my newly listed items (burgundy fused glass maple leaf pendant) I know it will take a while for people to find my items and even then I know the jewelry category is so saturated on Etsy that selling jewelry will be a challenge. I do think that these are different from most of the fused glass pieces I've seen so hopefully that will be a draw for people. I guess everyone thinks their items are unique though so we'll see. For now this is an experiment in making what I love for the pure enjoyment of doing so. We'll see how that goes. Do you make what you love or make what you think will sell?

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