Monday, 20 July 2009

Lazy Weekend without Buttons

I had all of these plans to work on buttons this weekend. I have an extra long weekend as I have today (Monday) off as well. I'm lucky that in my day job we have what is called a compressed work week where we work an extra 15 minutes a day and take a 1/2 hour lunch instead of a full hour and we get every third Monday off. It's a really nice deal and I love the extra long weekend I get every three weeks. Anyway I had all these ideas floating around my head last week during the work week. I had planned to do so much creating but when the weekend rolled around I had no interest at all. I did go out and buy some beautiful glass for fusing and spent way too much money on that. When I got back home from buying glass though I didn't even really want to work on that. Now it's Monday and my long weekend is pretty much over although I still have today. I did list a few buttons I had previously made and you can see one of them here in my Buttons By Robin Etsy store These were inspired by a painting pattern that I used for the design. I think these are fun and great for primitive crafting. I am a bit disappointed in myself for not doing more creating when I had the time but I guess I must have needed the break. I probably shouldn't try to push myself creatively or the buttons will turn into a chore instead of the pleasure they currently are. What do you do when you have a creative slump or don't feel like creating for a while?

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