Friday, 13 June 2008


Do you make lists of things that you have to do? If you do do the lists drive you crazy or help you stay focused? I find that when I write down what I want to accomplish I'm more likely to do it and if it is written down I'm not worried I'm going to forget some terribly important thing I'm supposed to do. I have a memory like a sieve sometimes. Writing it down takes a bit of pressure off of me because I know I can look at the list and don't have to worry about keeping everything in my head.

This week I've managed to spend more time in the evenings working on my art. As I mentioned in the last post I'm making more of a concerted effort to put in more time during the week (despite the demands of my day job).

I've made a couple of new molds this week that I want to get some clay into so that I can fire it next week. I'm still having a hard time with how long it takes for things to dry and how much waiting for things at various stages there is with clay. I also have to fire some green ware. I hope to do that tonight. Friday night is my "couch potato" night so I can fire the green ware and feel like I'm accomplishing something without actually "doing" much. Before I fire the clay though I have to decide what I want the finished items to be as I have to add the holes. Lately I've been drilling holes in the green ware because I find I get a nice clean hole. When I do it when the clay is wet it doesn't seem as smooth for some reason. I guess part of that is that I'm still very much in the learning stages with clay.

Back to my topic of lists - I don't have a definite list of things to do for the weekend but I do want to continue playing and exploring with my altered art jewelry and found or reclaimed items. I've got some ideas for mixing clay with some of these pieces so when I figure it out I'll post the results here (good or bad). I want to fire my green ware. I want to make a few scrabble tile pendants and maybe something with those optical lenses I have. So many ideas-so little time-and so much scattered thinking bouncing from one idea to the next that I never seem to accomplish what I want. Anyway, wish me luck on accomplishing some of the things on my weekend list. I'll keep you posted as to how it goes.

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