Sunday, 27 April 2008

Hand Painted Fused Glass Ring-Swallow

I've just added a few painted fused glass pieces to my E-Bay store. I love fused glass but there is such a multitude of it on the market it's really hard to get individual pieces noticed. I make it because I love it. I'm working on finding my own unique style and increasing my skills. Painting on fused glass with kiln fired paints is much different than just painting with acrylics which I've been used to. It's certainly a learning experience working with the paints and then factoring in how the glass will move and what will happen to your piece. I love the challenge and love pushing the limits. Here is one of the pieces I've listed today. It's an image of a bird or swallow and I've put it on a base metal ring base. I use base metals to keep the costs down and the art affordable for me to make and for people to buy. What do you think? Are you also trying to find your own way in art? What do you find the most difficult?

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