Sunday, 9 December 2012

Newest Ceramic Handmade Bird Buttons

Here is a peak inside the kiln today.  These are my latest bird buttons.  There are some turquoise, red and darker blue.  I can't wait for them to be cool enough to take out and get a good look at.  These are really simply glazed in a single colour but I think they turned out really well.  I've also filled in the spaces with a few small heart buttons.  I also had room for one of my speckled green and red Christmas coloured buttons.  I've got more of these speckled buttons glazed but haven't fired them yet.  Too bad I didn't get around to doing these in time for Christmas.  I think they are really pretty.  I guess I'll have a start on them for next Christmas.  I'm going to be putting all my shops on vacation mode tomorrow night until about the 21st of December.  I'm going to take a break from making buttons.  It's actually making me a bit anxious to put the shop into vacation mode.  I've never done it before in all the years I've had my shops.  If I've gone away or taken a break I've just put a notice up and indicated I'd ship out at a certain date.  Since it's so close to Christmas right now I've decided I'd rather risk losing a potential sale than have someone buy something and not realize I'm not going to the post office for a bit.  I'd really hate to disappoint anyone.  Well we'll see how it goes :)

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Busy Bee's Beauty said...

Oh. My. Lord. I LOVE THOSE BIRDS! I'm a seamstress, I actually have an etsy store (Busy Bee Stitchery, but I don't have anything up right now, I'm on haitus).
I haven't been inspired in a long time (I think because my sewing room is in shambles from moving), but those buttons make me want to sew!