Monday, 23 April 2012

Ceramic Pendant Pieces

I hope you'll ignore the poor quality photo here.  I just snapped the picture with my phone.  I've finally managed to spend some time working a bit with ceramics.  These are the raw clay pieces that I made this morning.  They are still very wet in this picture.  I'm not sure how they'll dry since they are very thin pieces.  I've put them in a plastic bag and placed them in my basement which is cool and a bit damp (it's unfinished).  Hopefully if I let them dry really slowly then they'll dry without cracking.  If they work out these will all be neclace pieces and pendants.  The birds are birds sitting on branches and the flowers are three dimensional as is the small bird.  I've only made one of each design as I'm just experimenting with these.  I love how they look right now and am very optimistic that they will be popular if I can just get them to dry correctly without breaking so I can get them bisque fired and then glazed.  I'll let you know how they turn out.  Cross your fingers for me :)

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