Sunday, 21 August 2011

Halloween Owl Handmade Buttons.

I keep telling myself I need to stop with the Halloween buttons.  I really have enough on my Etsy site  I mean really how many Halloween buttons can someone use.  What do you use Halloween buttons for anyway?  Despite my trying to be rational about it I just love these Halloween designs so when I found these images I couldn't resist so here they are  Halloween is fast becoming a very popular holiday.  I find myself drawn to it more and more.  When I was young it was just the one day.  You dressed up at school in your costume and then went out for candy that night but other than that not a big deal.  Now my neighbourhood is fully decorated and people seem to get right into the "spirit" - no pun intended.  I guess it's just a simple holiday with no big expenses associated with it and no big expectations.  Perhaps that's the appeal - oh and all the spooky creatures that come out that time of year as well!  Happy Halloween all.

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