Monday, 8 June 2009

Handmade Yellow Flower Buttons

I wasn't very motivated to craft this weekend. I'm usually up early and ready to go making buttons. This weekend I didn't really feel like making buttons. I think it's because I've been making a ton of buttons the past while and well, sales have been a bit slow, so I guess the motivation wasn't there. Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining about slow sales. I understand times are tough and I've been told through the forum on Etsy that the summer is generally pretty slow. I understand that. I Anyway for whatever reason I didn't really feel like making buttons. So what I did do on Saturday and Sunday was experiment with some ideas I've had for a while. I tried a new printing medium that allows you to print on any type of material that will fit through a printer. It didn't turn out exactly as I expected but it did open up some interesting possibilities. I'm not ready to share the results just yet but I think there are some interesting projects coming up. Oh the wheels are turning. I also finished up a custom order making some of my button images into pendants. That is now listed in Etsy. That got me thinking about making some pendants so I did a bunch up for my other Etsy store Robin42 I am lucky and every third Monday I have off my day job so this Monday I was off. I finished up a few of the pendants and may try and list them in my Robin42 store later tonight. I also made some molds that I have been wanting to do for a while. I made some ring molds. I'm hoping to making some resin rings in the near future. The ring samples I made are just a plain black. I was really trying to just see how well the mold works. I think it's going to be fun. I also did a bisque firing of some clay pieces I made weeks ago and have had lying around. As you can tell I have ideas galore and am interested in many different mediums. I purchased a few new graphics from some of my favourite and a few new Etys sellers. This always gets my creative juices flowing. So finally after all that yesterday afternoon I was ready to get back to the business of making buttons. I tried some different images this time-some photographic images of florals. The buttons pictured here are from those efforts. Don't these just scream summer! The flowers are beautiful! I'm no botanist and don't know a lot about flowers except that they're pretty (I always forget to water mine). I "think" these are called Brown-eyed-susans but I'm not sure. I did just list them in my Etsy store and have a few more to list in a bit. These flowers got me to thinking about my trip to Mexico last February so I printed off some of those photographic images and I'm thinking of making a memory or charm bracelet from the images. As soon as I finish this post I'm going to finish off the picture charms with a hard coating and hopefully they'll be ready to make into some jewelry tomorrow. I hardly ever use my own crafts. I don't sew so I don't use my buttons. I think though that this memory jewelry will be something I'll treasure. If it turns out I may start to offer custom charms in my Etsy shop. We'll see. So many ideas so little time and off to the day job tomorrow. I hope you had a relaxing weekend and were able to recharge your batteries. My little break from buttons this weekend has now got me excited again to get back to making them. It's good to recharge!

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