Sunday, 5 April 2009

Back in the Blog World

I've decided to try getting back into the blogging world. I've had some very difficult personal times the last few months and wasn't able to be motivated enough to keep up with my blog. I will keep this short and will perhaps share more details later. Right now it's just too difficult to write about.

After being ill all winter with heart problems my Dad had heart surgery (a valve replacement) and died a couple of weeks later. This was in February. Yesterday my mother's house burnt down and she didn't make it out of the house. I am dealing wih all of this the best I can. I think I decided to take this time to write in my blog because I know how proud they are of my buttons and they would want me to continue.

I know it may seem a strange time to begin to write again but I think I want to write in my blog so I can honour their memory. I will share more later as my heart allows. This is all I can manage for today.

I love you Mom and Dad. I miss you.

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