Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Ceramic Candy Corn Crow Buttons

Here are two different versions of my candy corn crow buttons. The first set are ceramic buttons and the second set are hand painted wooden buttons. I think I like the black background on the wooden buttons. It really seems to set off the oranges. As well since I'm new to working with ceramic glazes it's a bit more challenging to get the colours the way you want since they don't look the same in the bottle and on the piece before it is fired. I do like the buttons that have specific shapes although the round buttons seem to be better sellers. Perhaps that is because people prefer the round buttons for more practical purposes. I don't sew but I expect the shaped buttons would work better for decorative purposes rather than a real life application.
I'd love to see pictures of items you've made with my buttons. If you send me something I'll post it here and if you have a blog I'll link to that.

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Johanna Parker said...

Ahhh, those are adorable!...... What a clever idea. I would think they would do really well :)

PS... thanks for stopping by my blog!

~ Johanna